The accusative

1. Use

1.1. Used when the object is limited to one
Finnish English
Juon oluen. I drink one beer.
Syön yhden voileivän. I eat one sandwich.
Ostan television. I buy one television.

1.2. Used when the action is in the future
Finnish English
Minä luen tämän kirjan. I will read this book.
Ostamme television. We will buy a television.
Syön tänään omenan. I will eat an apple today.

1.3. Used when you want to stress the WHOLE thing gets done
Finnish English
Maalaan talon. I paint the whole house.
Syön omenan. I eat the whole apple.
Pesen koiran. I wash the whole dog.

2. Formation

In the singular, the accusative looks the same as the genitive. The only thing that is different are the personal pronouns.

In the plural, the accusative is the same as the plural form of nouns in the nominative (-t plural ending).

Nominative Accusative Nominative Accusative Nominative Accusative
minä minut sinä sinut hän hänet
me meidät te teidät he heidät
kuka kenet