Teach Yourself Finnish - Complete Course, New Edition

1. Additional information

Author(s) Leena Leney, Terttu
Published 2004
Publisher Teach Yourself
ISBN 0-340-88749-4
Pages 371

2. Grading

Level Absolute beginner
Language English

3. In words

While the older edition of this book had a cd with it, this version does not. Nevertheless, it is a good book. Every chapter contains dialogues, something about Finnish culture, a bit of grammar, and exercises. It covers the basics and then moves quite swiftly onto more complicated matters. Sometimes, I got the feeling that it moves a bit too fast, especially for a beginner. This is mostly because there aren't nearly enough exercises, and the ones that are to be found, are pretty much all the same. If you know some Finnish already, this book is definately good to brush your skills up with.

The nice thing about this book, is that every chapter comes with an explanation about all things Finnish. There are paragraphs explaining about Finnish mosquitos, houses, alcohol, customs, sauna, weather, and much more.

One thing the book lacks, is a chapter with the answers to the exercises. In my opinion, it doesn't really help much doing the exercises, when there is no way to check whether you are doing them right.