Basiscursus Fins 1

1. Additional information

Author(s) Päivi Schot-Saikku
Published 2004
Publisher Coutinho
Size 221 x 149 x 12 mm
ISBN 90-6283-395-0
Pages 201

2. Grading

Level Beginners
Language Dutch

3. In words

This course has three parts. The new edition of this Dutch book is quite good. Every chapter comes with a dialogue, grammar, and some exercises which can be found in the back of the book. The answers to the exercises are to be found in part 2 of this three-part course. Quite annoying, since this way, they force you to buy both books.

The dialogues are throughout the whole book about the same people, which makes it kind of interesting. If you are Dutch, you will find the grammar parts very useful, eventhough it is sometimes a bit chaotical. On the website of Teach 2000, you can practise the vocabulary from the dialogues.