Basiscursus Fins 2: Luisteren en leren

1. Additional information

Author(s) Päivi Schot-Saikku
Published 2000
Publisher Coutinho
Size 221 x 149 x 12 mm
ISBN 90-6283-199-0
Pages 88
Extra 2 CD's

2. Grading

Level Intermediat
Language Dutch
Grammar No

3. In words

This book concentrates on your Finnish listening- and talking skills. It comes with 2 cd's, with spoken dialogues and some dictations. The used vocabulary comes either from the dialogues in part 1 of this series, or gets explained in this book. Using this book without first having gone through book 1 is nearly impossible. There are no new grammar explanations in this book.

I don't really like this part of the course, it seems too childish. Nevertheless, I think it must be very valuable if you are studying Finnish from elsewhere in the world, since it gives you a chance to get used to the sound of Finnish.