Basiscurus Fins 3: Lezen en luisteren

1. Additional information

Author(s) Päivi Schot-Saikku
Published 1994
Publisher Coutinho
Size 220 x 152 x 13 mm
ISBN 90-6283-961-4
Pages 216

2. Grading

Level Advanced
Language Dutch
Exercises No

3. In words

This third part of the Dutch Basiscursus Fins has lots of reading exercises. All texts are authentic writings from Finnish authors, stories, newspaper clippings and magazine articles. Reading these texts, the student learns a lot of Finnish language and how it is formed. The texts are sometimes a bit too difficult, but the bit of grammar and the vocabulary lists that come with every chapter are certainly useful.

The second half of this book is dedicated solely to explanations about Finnish grammar. I would recommend this book to anyone who had been studying Finnish for a while already and need more material to expand their knowledge with.