1. Additional information

Author(s) Leena Silfverberg and Leila White
Published 2003
Publisher Finn Lectura
Size 243 x 169 x 11 mm
ISBN 951-792-147-0
Pages 239

2. Grading

Level Beginner
Language Finnish

3. In words

This book is okay as a course book, but not very appropriate for self-study. It is written in Finnish only, and the grammar isn't always explained very well, for example the part about the location cases is poor. The dialogues are simple, but the book doesn't have wordlists explaining new words.

Every chapter comes with some tv-dialogues, which you can also watch on their chaotic website. Eventhough it is chaotic, the website is useful, since it provides exercises, grammar explanation and listening exercises.

All in all, if you are studying Finnish on your own, don't buy the book, but do visit their website and go through the exercises.