Suomi-tyttö puhuu III: Kommunikatiivinen jatkokurssi

1. Additional information

Author(s) Helinä Koivisto
Published 1991
Publisher Tampereen yliopisto
Size 292 x 204 x 21 mm
ISBN 951-44-2939-7
Pages 359

2. Grading

Level Advanced
Language English

3. In words

This old book from 1991 includes reading texts, which are available in both English and Finnish. It is aimed at foreigners who have a intermediate knowledge of Finnish. After each reading text, there is a variety of exercises. Pretty fun exercises actually most of the time. Grammar is nearly not available.

The lay-out is messed up, which makes it very difficult to find order in what you are trying to learn. Still I mention this book, because the exercises are just so fun to make, eventhough the solutions are not available.