Colloquial Finnish: The complete course for beginners

1. Additional information

Author(s) Daniel Abondolo
Published 1998
Publisher Routledge
Size 215 x 134 x 2 mm
ISBN 0-415-11389-x
Pages 307

2. Grading

Level Beginners
Language Finnish

3. In words

The idea of this book is very nice: introducing people to the more colloquial forms of Finnish. However, take the title of this book very serious: it ONLY teached colloquial Finnish. And the colloquial Finnish of just one region at that!

On top of that, the grammar has been made extremely complicated. Finnish grammar is already difficult enough, without trying to turn everything into mathematical equations. I am very disappointed in this book.

However, the vocabulary is quite comprehensive and most dialogues are well suited for the learner. When completing this course, the reader will be able to converse with native Finnish speakers and take part in normal life. It's just not my kind of book ;)