Finnish for foreigners 2: Exercises

1. Additional information

Author(s) Maija-Hellikki Aaltio
Published 1999
Publisher Otava
Size 235 x 168 x 10 mm
ISBN 951-1-09329-0
Pages 192

2. Grading

Level Intermediate
Language English
Grammar No

3. In words

This book, meant to accompany Finnish for foreigners 2, includes listening, talking and reading exercises. The solutions can be found in the back of the book. The exercises occasionally are outdated, just like the coursebook, because they were originally written in 1987. Still, it is a good book, that will leave you with a strong understanding of the exercises.

This book is slightly more grown-up (and boring) than the first exercise book, without any exercises based on pictures and such.

There is no grammar in this book, see Finnish for foreigners 2 for that.