Totta kai! Suomen kielen alkeisoppikirja

1. Additional information

Author(s) Marjatta Karanko and Ulla Paavilainen
Published 2004
Publisher Finn Lectura
Size 248 x 175 x 10 mm
ISBN 951-792-166-7
Extra cassette
Pages 183

2. Grading

Level Absolute beginner
Language Finnish

3. In words

Eventhough this book has been written in Finnish only, they start of with such simple things that even a beginner can follow. The easy lay-out and attractive pictures make this a book that will make you want to study more.

Only the most basic things of Finnish get explained, but I think that using this book will motivate you to continue your studies. It has plenty of exercises, but unfortunately the answers aren't included in the book. It comes with a cassette, but as I don't have a cassette player, I don't know if it is helpful or not.