Kiva nähdä: Puhutun kielen harjoituksia

1. Additional information

Author(s) Lauranto, Parviainen and Rainò
Published 1994
Publisher Finn Lectura
Size 242 x 170 x 6 mm
ISBN 951-8905-78-9
Pages 192

2. Grading

Level Intermediate
Language Finnish

3. In words

This book, which maily focusses on spoken language, includes exercises to 20 listening texts. You can listen to them on the tape accompanying it.

Every chapter has questions to one of the reading texts, with a list of spoken language words, and some questions to discuss about. The exercises are below average.

The listening texts can be found in the back of the book. Also at the end of the book, there are some explanations about Finnish grammar, but they are really limited and hardly worth it. The solutions to the exercises are to be found in the back as well.