Suomi-tyttö puhuu II: Kommunikatiivinen opetusmateriaali

1. Additional information

Author(s) Helinä Koivisto
Published 1991
Publisher Tampereen yliopisto
Size 292 x 204 x 12 mm
ISBN 951-44-2937-0
Pages 199

2. Grading

Level Intermediate
Language English

3. In words

Eventhough this is quite an old book, I like it very much. It includes reading texts, which are available in both English and Finnish. It is aimed at foreigners who have a intermediate knowledge of Finnish. After each reading text, there is a wordlist which repeats some of the vocabulary from the text. Those lists are sometimes a bit difficult to read, but they are worth reading.

After each reading text, there is a variety of exercises. Pretty good exercises actually most of the time, from which you actually learn something. Grammar has been explained with lots of examples.

The lay-out is a bit messed up, which often makes it difficult to find order in the grammar. Still, this is a pretty comprehensive book.