Aletaan!: Suomen kielen oppikirja vasta-alkajille

1. Additional information

Author(s) Eila Hämäläinen
Published 1990
Publisher Hakapaino
Size 240 x 170 x 11 mm
ISBN 951-45-6974-1
Pages 195

2. Grading

Level Beginner
Language Finnish

3. In words

This book moves comfortably slowly, which would make this a good self-study book if it wasn't written completely in Finnish (except for the introduction in the beginning of the book). Every chapter (they're really short) starts with a reading texts, which is focussing on a certain aspect of the grammar that gets explained in it.

There are nearly no exercises, and no solutions in the back, but plenty of suggestions for topics to discuss in Finnish.

All in all, this book is definately not suitable for self-study..