Aletaan! Jatketaan!: Sanasto - Vocabulary

1. Additional information

Author(s) Eila Hämäläinen, Laila lehikoinen and David Steadman
Published 1990
Publisher Hakapaino
Size 245 x 172 x 7 mm
ISBN 951-45-5212-1
Pages 103

2. Grading

Level Intermediate
Language Finnish
Texts No
Grammar No
Exercises No

3. In words

This book contains the vocabulary of Aletaan! and Jatketaan! The alphabetised vocabulary includes words found in the texts, grammatical explanations and exercises, as well as those in the pictures and their captions.

Behind each word, you can find the strong and the weak stem, the wordclass, sometimes an example, and the English translation.

Quite useful if you decide to use the 2 studybooks, but useless without them.