Kuulostaa hyvältä - Sounds good

1. Additional information

Author(s) Lili Ahonen
Published 2005
Publisher SKS
Size 251 x 173 x 10 mm
ISBN 951-746-493-2
Pages 275

2. Grading

Level Beginner
Language Finnish

3. In words

Every chapter consists of a reading text and exercises. The correct solutions to the exercises are bundled in the end of the book, and those form the grammar part of the book. In other words: grammar doesn't get explained in this book, but through exercises you have to get the hang of it anyway. The exercises luckily are pretty good ones.

Recently, a second book has come to the market called Sounds good - Kuulostaa hyvältä. This book is mainly written in English and explains the grammar used in the Finnish book. It also gives a list of the vocabulary and phrases from the Finnish book. The two books together are excellent for self-study. While you could manage with just the Finnish one, if you've studied some Finnish before, there is no point in just buying the English book.