Elämän suolaa: Suomen kielen alkeita 2

1. Additional information

Author(s) Yrjö Lauranto
Published 1995
Publisher Jyväskylän yliopisto
Size 246 x 172 x 13 mm
ISBN 951-34-0595-8
Pages 220

2. Grading

Level Intermediate
Language Finnish

3. In words

This book does a great effort to reach as many people as possible. Each chapter has, after the reading text, a list with the vocabulary translated into English, Russian and Spanish, with an empty column where you can write the words in your own language.

Next, there are the exercises, which are pretty diverse, and I'd call them great, except that the book doesn't include the right answers anywhere.

When there is grammar to explain, it has been put in between of the exercises which deal with the particular subject. This is nice, but it makes it a bit hard to find the grammar when you want to look something up later on.

The texts are diverse at well, some are dialogues, others just reading texts, or clippings from a newspaper.

I think this is a pretty good book, even though I would prefer it if the grammar was made to stand out a little more in between of the exercises.