Lessons on Finnish words: Sanasto-oppia

1. Additional information

Author(s) Vuokko Heikura
Published 2005
Publisher Vuokko Heikura (VEA)
Size 250 x 174 x 10 mm
ISBN 952-99139-3-1
Pages 159

2. Grading

Level Advanced
Language Finnish
Texts No
Grammar No
Exercises No

3. In words

In this book, readers are first offered a repition of alphabet, sounds, inflection and conjugation. Then, you get page after page of lists of word families: 396 wordfamilies, to form 5250 word lines.

Every word family has the basic word, and then a number of words which are related to it (for example: lapsi, lapsuus, lapseus, lapsekas, lapsukainen, lapsettaa, etc).

Every word has been written down in a few of the cases. Translations are not given, because the basic word is always given. They reason that the reader is able to use a dictionary to look up the meanings.

This is a good way to learn words which are related to words you already know. Still, I think you need a lot of patience and motivation to learn anything this way, as it gets boring really fast.