Suomea 3 ole hyvä! Suomea aikuisille maahanmuuttajille

1. Additional information

Author(s) Anna Liisa Salmela and Jussi Kujansuu
Published 2000
Publisher Opetushallitus
Size 245 x 175 x 7 mm
ISBN 952-13-0893-1
Pages 133

2. Grading

Level Advanced
Language Finnish

3. In words

The exercises in this book are actually fun. There are crosswordpuzzles and wordgames, fill-in-the-gaps exercises, picture games and much more.

The reading exercises are slightly more complicated in this part, with for example clippings from newspapers.

The grammar parts are rare, but when they are included, they are pretty easy to understand as they've been adjusted to the level of Finnish that you should be understanding by now.

The series used to have a pretty good website, but it seems to be offline for now.