A Grammar Book of Finnish

1. Additional information

Author(s) Leila White
Published 2006
Publisher Finn Lectura
ISBN 951-792-146-2
Pages 360

2. Grading

Level Beginner
Language English
Texts No
Exercises No

3. In words

This book is the English version of Suomen kielioppia ulkomaalaisille. Just like the original, it explains the grammar very well. I do, however, not advise this book to be the sole book a student uses for learning Finnish. It isn't structured in the right way for that. This book is very good as a reference, but if you would want to start studying with it, you would get confused because it doesn't specify which things you should be learning first and which can wait until later.

A good thing about this book is that it has a whole chapter about all the clitics (liitepartikkelit) (-kaan, -han, -pa, -s,...) with lots of examples. That information in particular is very valuable!