Suomen harjoituksia 1

1. Additional information

Author(s) Eila Hämäläinen
Published 1989
Publisher Gummerus
ISBN 951-717-279-6
Pages 121

2. Grading

Level Advanced
Language Finnish
Texts No
Grammar No

3. In words

Are you the kind of person who needs lots of exercises to get something down? This is the book for you! This book deals with the more difficult things in the Finnish languages, such as clitics (-han, -kaan, -pa), the passive tenses, the participles, the comparative and superlative, the instructive and comitative cases, the potential tense and special uses of the imperative. Some of the exercises come with a bit of an explanation before (example: it explains the difference between eli, tai and vai). Really nice book, especially since it comes with the solutions in the back!