Suomen kielen alkeisoppikirja

1. Additional information

Author(s) Anna-Liisa Lepäsmaa and Leena Silfverberg
Published 2004
Publisher Finn Lectura
Size 245 x 230 x 15 mm
ISBN 951-570-388-3
Pages 255

2. Grading

Level Absolute beginner
Language Finnish
Exercises No

3. In words

This book is completely in Finnish, but it explains things so clearly that it doesn't matter. I would certainly recommend this book, as it is easy to understand, has nice texts, and appealing pictures. All the reading texts are about the same person, which makes the reading texts in a kind of story of her life.

I really like this book, but it has one flaw: it doesn't contains any exercises!

You can also get a cassette with the book, but since I don't have a cassette player, I don't know how good it is.