The passive conditional

1. Use

The passive conditional is the form of the verb which means that something would be done. There is no specific subject - in other words, we don't know who is doing, but we know what is being done.

This tense has a second meaning, just like the present passive. The passive conditional gets also used when talking in the 1st person plural, e.g. "Lähdettäisiinkö elokuviin?" means "would we go to the movies?" and not "would one go to the movies?" like you would expect.

2. Formation

You get the passive conditional by adding -taisiin/-täisiin or -ttaisiin/-ttäisiin to the passive stem. Notice the -isi- like in the active conditional. The passive stem is the stem you get when putting the verb in the passive tense. Add the same number of t's as you would use in the passive imperfect

2.1. Verb types 1, 4, 5 and 6: add -ttaisiin/-ttäisiin
Verb Passive imperfect Passive conditional Meaning
sanoa sanottiin sanottaisiin would be said
lukea luettiin luettaisiin would be read
antaa annettiin* annettaisiin* would be given
ymmärtää ymmärrettiin* ymmärrettäisiin* would be understood
tavata tavattiin tavattaisiin would be met
valita valittiin valittaisiin would be chosen
vaaleta vaalettiin vaalettaisiin would be whitened

* When the infinitive of a verb ends in -aa, -a- changes to -e- when making the verb passive.

2.2. Verb types 2 and 3: add -taisiin/-täisiin
Verb Passive imperfect Passive conditional Meaning
tuoda tuotiin tuotaisiin would be brought
tehdä tehtiin tehtäisiin would be done
ajatella ajateltiin ajateltaisiin would be thought
panna pantiin pantaisiin would be put
surra surtiin surtaisiin would be mourned

3. Negative passive conditional

For the negative form, you take the positive form and remove its last two letters. Follow this rule for every verb type.

Since this is the negative passive conditional, you use the negative verb in the third person (the "ei" form) like you do in other passive tenses and moods as well.

Passive conditional Negative
kerrottaisiin ei kerrottaisi
autettaisiin ei autettaisi
annettaisiin ei annettaisi
tuotaisiin ei tuotaisi