The future tense

Finnish doesn't really have a separate form of the verb to express the future tense. The present tense of the verb, combined with a reference to the time such as "huomenna" (tomorrow) gives the sense of future.

Luen joka päivä.
= I read every day.
Luen lehden tänä iltana.
= I'll read the paper tonight.

If you want to emphasise the future, you can use the verb "aikoa". It means "to intend to".

Mitä ohjelmaa aiot katsoa?
= What program are you going to watch?
Mihin aiot mennä lomalle?
= Where are you going to go for the holidays?

When the accusative object is used with the present tense, the action is in the future.

Luen kirjan.
= I'll read the book.
Katson elokuvan.
= I'll watch the movie.
Syön voileivän.
= I'll have a sandwich.