Finnish grammar is difficult to someone who is not familiar with the language, but it is not impossible. There are very few exceptions to the existing rules. Did you know for example that Finnish only has three truly irregular verbs, and that the rest nicely fit into the rules?

The grammar has been divided into three parts:

"Basic stuff and more" explains about the things which you absolutely have to know before you start with the more complicated grammar. The bottom of the list contains some fairly advanced stuff already, because I didn't have any space anywhere to put it.

"The Finnish tenses" lists all of the tenses, plus some special Finnish verb constructions.

"The Finnish cases" tells you all about the different cases in Finnish.

Basic and more The Finnish tenses The Finnish cases
Consonant gradation The present The partitive
   Basic consonant gradation    Verb types + The present tense    The partitive case
   Verb type 1 cons. gradation    The verb "to have"    Partitive verbs
   Verb type 3 cons. gradation    The present passive    Partitive pictures
   Verb type 4 cons. gradation    The negative present passive    Partitive plural
   Reversed consonant gradation The imperfect The genitive
Personal pronouns    The imperfect tense    The genitive case
Vowel harmony    The negative imperfect    Necessity sentences
Demonstrative pronouns    The passive imperfect    The genitive plural
Interrogatives The perfect The direct object
Negation    The perfect tense    The accusative case
Possessive suffixes The conditional    The object
Relative pronoun "joka"    The conditional tense The translative
Comparatives    The passive conditional The essive
The complement    The perfect conditional The abessive
Verb rections The other tenses The comitative
Adjective rections    The imperative The instructive
Post- and prepositions    The plusquamperfect The location cases
   Postpositions    The future tense    The inessive (-ssa)
   Postposition phrases    The potential    The elative (-sta)
   Text with post positions    Overview of passive tenses    The illative
   Prepositions Types of verbs    The plural illative
The infinitives    Derivates    The adessive(-lla)
   The 5 Finnish infinitives    Transitivity & intransitivity    The ablative(-lta)
   The long form of the 1st inf.    Examples of transitivity    The allative (-lle)
   The third infinitive The participles    Plural location cases
   The fourth infinitive    The active present participle    Long words in plural cases
Indeclinable words    The passive present participle    Specific location case uses
   The active past participle    Placenames in location cases
   The passive past participle Examples of the plurals
   The agent participle Words ending in a consonant