When you want to make an adjective stronger, you can use for example "really" and "very" in English. Example: a big boat, a really big boat. These two belong to the first group in the table hereunder: they're intensitivity particles.

The second group is the one which contains in English "terribly" (as in terribly difficult), "stunningly" (as in stunningly beautiful) and "extremely" (as in extremely important). As you can see, in English you take the -ly form of a word. In Finnish you take the genitive form!

Intensifying particles

Intensifiers Examples In English
aika aika kaunis pretty beautiful
aivan aivan huono really bad
erittäin erittäin hyvä extremely good
ihan ihan kaunis quite beautiful
kovin kovin vaikea terribly difficult
melko melko kaunis fairly beautiful
oikein oikein kaunis truly beautiful
perin perin tärkeä highly, exceedingly important
sangen sangen hyvin perfectly well
varsin varsin hyvä fairly good
verrattain verrattain kaunis relatively beautiful
ylen ylen onnellinen exceedingly happy
todella todella kaunis very beautiful
tosi tosi kaunis very beautiful
hyvin hyvin kaunis greatly beautiful

Genitive forms of nominatives

Intensifiers Examples In English
erikoisen erikoisen sopiva particularly suited
helvetin helvetin vaikea hellishly difficult
hirveän hirveän iso awfully big
ihmeen ihmeen hyvin wonderfully well
ilmeisen ilmeisen selvä evidently clear
kauhean kauhean vaikea terribly difficult
kohtalaisen kohtalaisen kaunis reasonably beautiful
kohtuuttoman kohtuuttoman vaikea unduly difficult
mahdollisimman mahdollisimman hyvin in the best possible way
mahdottoman mahdottoman suuri enormously big
suhteellisen suhteellisen helppo relatively easy
suhteettoman suhteettoman suuri disproportionately large
tavattoman tavattoman vaikea awfully, exceedingly difficult
uskomattoman uskomattoman kaunis unbelievably beautiful
äärettömän äärettömän pieni infinitesimal