To like

Finnish English
Mistä sinä pidät? What do you like?
Millaisesta viinistä sinä pidät? What kind of wine do you like?
Tykkäätkö suklaasta? Do you like chocolate?
Tykkäätkö suomalaisesta oluesta? Do you like Finnish beer?
Pidätkö musiikista? Do you like music?
Millaisesta musiikista sinä pidät? What kind of music do you like?
Minä tykkään mustasta kahvista. I like black coffee.

In Finnish you use the verb pitää "to be fond of" to say you like something.
This verb is always followed by the -sta/-stä ending.

Pidän kahvista. I like coffee.
En pidä koirasta. I don't like the dog.
Pidämme säästä. We like the weather.
Et pidä opettajasta. You don't like the teacher.

In colloquial Finnish the verb tykätä is also used to mean "to like" and it is also followed by the -sta/-stä ending.

Tykkään suklaasta. I like chocolate.
En tykkää kissasta. I don't like the cat.
Tykkäämme kakusta. We like the cake.
He eivät tykkää vauvasta. They don't like the baby.

When you want to say you like DOING something, you can also use the verbs "pitää" and "tykätä". Tykätä is the easiest one, since after this verb, you can put the verb in the infinitive. The object will be in whatever form in which it would be in a basic sentence. So it will NOT have the -sta ending!

Tykkään pestä ikkunoita. I like to wash the windows.
En tykkää syödä lihaa. I don't like to eat meat.
Tykkäätte katsoa televisiota. You (plural) like to watch television.
He eivät tykkää ajaa autoa. They don't like to drive a car.

When using the verb "pitää", you have to change the verb that's attached to it into the fourth infinitive. The nounanlized verb should then be put into the -sta form.

Pidän kalastamisesta. I like to fish.
En pidä laulamisesta. I don't like to sing.
Pidättekö tanssimisesta? Do you (plural) like to dance?
He eivät pidä voimistelemisesta. They don't like to do gymnastic exercises.

When you want to say that you were interested in something, or that something is one of your hobbies, you can use the verb harrastaa.