Words ending in -na that describe some sound

Words ending in -na are very often sounds of some kind. To describe these, I have consciously decided to write descriptions rather than just a translation. English isn't my mothertongue, so I'm not sure I would get them all correct. Descriptions are a lot clearer.

Sound Explanations and examples
humina wind blowing through the leaves
the sound a fan makes inside a computer
hurina electric, steady, lowish sound
car, airplane
kahina walking through wet grass
legs of your pants while you're walking
kalina metallic sound
pots and pans while someone is cooking noisily
kirkuna high sound, made by a bird (sea gull)
kohina static on the tv or radio
a waterfall or big river
kolina metallic sound
a kid hitting a pan with a wooden spoon
a metallic pot falling down the stairs
kopina fast, rapid clicks
korkokenkien kopina: the clipping of high heels
a mouse with shoes
korina kuolen korina: the rattle of one's last breath
mutina mumbling
a kid mumbling to himself when walking away after an argument
murina low tone, hard and threatening
a growling bear
narina the creaking of a floor or an old ship
pauhina the rumbling of a storm at sea
rapina a mouse moving around inside the wall
something moving around in a dry bush
solina high, wet sound
water in a small river going over some rocks
sorina the murmur of a group of people talking quietly
suhina buzzing in the ears
rahina sandpaper on wood
surina high electrical sound: cd-drive on high gear
buzzing of bee(s)
ulina a hurt dog yelping painfully for a longer period of time
helinä very high pitched sound
shaking a broken lightbulb
hälinä commotion
jyrinä really powerful, hellish base sound
ukkosen jyrinä: rolling of the thunder
bulldozer turning something over
köhinä dry cough
pärinä boy playing he's a car
sound of a driving moped
räminä metallic high-speed clicking
old crappy tractor in which everything is loose
sihinä snake's hissing
pressure valves
opening of a soda bottle