To study

Finnish, like most languages, has a few close-meaning verbs concerning studying. Here's a list:

1. Opiskella: to study in a school or university. This is a partitive verb: the matter you study, will always be put in the partitive.
Minä opiskelen suomea. I study Finnish.
Sinä opiskelet yliopistossa. You study in the university.
Hän opiskelee ranskaa. He studies French.
Opiskelemmeko fysiikkaa? Do we study physics?
Te opiskelette kemiaa. You study chemistry.
He opiskelevat vielä koulussa. They still study in school.
2. Opetella: to study on your own, to practise. This verb draws a picture of you trying, but not succeeding right away. The learning is a process that lasts for some time. Notice that opetella comes with the third infinitive when the thing you learn is a verb!
Haluan alkaa opetella hiihtämään. I want to start learning how to ski.
Opettelen 5 uutta sanaa joka päivä. I learn 5 new words every day.
Lapsi alkoi opetella kävelemään The child start to learn to walk.
3. Oppia: to learn how to do something. The stress with this verb is on the fact that after you have studied, you will know how to do whatever you have been studying. Notice that oppia comes with the third infinitive when the thing you learn is a verb!
Lapsi oppii puhumaan. The child learns to talk.
Minä opin piirtämään ihmisiä. I learned how to draw people.
4. Opettaa: to teach. The subject you teach will be written in the partitive. If you're teaching an activity, the verb will be written in the third infinitive
Hän opettaa ranskaa. He teaches French.
Opetan lasta lukemaan. I teach the child to read.
Sokrates opettaa, että... Socrates teaches that...