Uusi kielemme - Finnish for Busy People

Means of transportation

Finnish English
auto car
henkilöauto passenger car
maastoauto jeep
kuorma-auto truck
juna train
tavarajuna freight train
pikajuna express train
bussi bus
raitiovaunu tram
metro metro
lentokone airplane
helikopteri helicopter
kuumailmapallo hot air balloon
pyörä / polkupyörä bike / bicycle
rullaluistimet roller skates
rullalauta skateboard
Menen työhön autolla. I go to work by car.
Kuljetan tavaraa kuorma-autolla. I transport goods with a truck.
Menen Kuopioon junalla. I go to Kuopio by train.
Menen Tampereelle bussilla. I go to Tampere by bus.
Menen kirjakauppaan raitiovaunulla. I go to the book store with the tram.
Menen Amerikkaan lentokoneella. I go to America by plane.
Menen sairaalaan helikopterilla. I go the the hospital by helicopter.
Menen seikkailulle kuumailmapallolla. I go on adventures with a hot air balloon.
Menen kauppaan pyörällä. I go to the shop by bike.
Menen kirjastoon rullaluistimilla. I go to the library on roller skates.
Menen puistoon rullalaudalla. I go to the park on a skateboard.
Menen kotiin kävellen. I go home by foot.

When you do something with the use of a certain object, you use the -lla ending. This mostly happens with vehicles, but you could for example also say "Minä syön lusikalla", which would mean "I eat by spoon", or in better English: "I eat with a spoon".