I have divided the vocabulary into three levels of difficulty. Level one has the really basic things, like the numbers and how to greet people. Level two is a little more advanced, but still not too hard. Level three occasionally has vocabulary that you will find little use for, but it's here in case you need it. Enjoy!

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Finnish loanwords The compass Negative emotions
Important basics Expressing your opinion Positive emotions
Basic verbs Professions Geography
Numbers Intensitivity words Translations of English adverbs
Dates Mathematics The government
Nationalities Physics Groups of synonyms
Languages Chemistry Finnish sayings
Basic adjectives Means of transportation Finnish abbreviations
Adverbs Traffic Rocks and gems
Body parts Family members Computer
   Body parts People Perceptional verbs
   Body parts with pictures Flowers Verbs about feelings
   Bones and intestines Relationships Tools
Animals Animal sounds Fairytales
   Zoo animals Communication Money
   Domestic animals Space and planets Hunting
   Fish In the airport Fishing
   Mammals Body care products The telephone
   Reptiles Music Social security
   Insects Mass media Literature
   Birds Nature The press
Food Garden work Politics
   Breakfast Religions Law and crime
   Vegetables Acting War
   Fruit The senses Intelligence
   Berries At the shop Housing
   Herbs & spices Birth and babyhood Biotechnology
   Meat Childhood pastimes At the library
   Beverages Pets Words ending in -ton
   Miscellaneous food items Traveling Words ending in -uus
   Dishes and kitchen appliances Spoken language Words ending in -nto
   Cooking Sauna Words ending in -nta
To listen Visual arts Words ending in -sto
Describing people Weather Words ending in -ja
At the doctor's Death Words ending in -kko
Age To like Words ending in -tar
Telling the time The verb harrastaa Words ending in -na
Rooms in a house Colours Conjunctions
Greeting people Sports Punctuation
Difference tai/vai Strong adjectives Clitics
Difference mikä/mitä Älä Grammar and languages
Also, too To play Expressions
Clothes To study Expressions during a speech