Huom! This website is currently under heavy construction!


Welcome to my website!

I’m Inge, a non-native learner of Finnish with a master’s degree in Finnish, acquired at the university of Tampere. I love languages, especially Finnish, and I am a linguist at heart.

This website is my hobby and under constant construction. I started it because I found there was a serious lack of websites that offered clear explanations of Finnish grammar in English. There are more sources available these days then there were when I started this project, but I hope my website is still relevant.

While Uusi kielemme has been on the internet since 2007, the year 2019 is an exciting year. I’ve finally decided to tackle the huge project of making the website more accessible to all learners.

Some of my favorite features on the new site are:

  • The possibility of more interaction with learners through the comment systemuusi kielemme website
  • The improvement in mobile device accessibility
  • Adding new languages through learner participation will become easier

I hope you like it as much as I do.

Happy learning!