Finnish Sentence Types – Overview

In this article, you can find links to all our articles that deal with the different sentence types you can have in Finnish.

Minulla on

When saying that someone has something, you will use the “minulla on” sentence construction. This is the most common way to express possession in Finnish.

Minulla on – Possession Sentences

Necessity Sentences

When you say you have to do something, you will form a necessity sentence using the genetive (eg. minun täytyy, minun on pakko or minun on tehtävä).

Necessity Sentences

Sentences without a Subject

In this article, you can find an overview of all the sentence types that can appear without a grammatical subject.

Sentences without a subject

Complement Sentences

A complement sentence tells what (or what kind) the subject is. The complement can be either a noun or an adjective. The verb of the sentence is always “olla.”

Complement Sentences

More Finnish sentence types to come soon!

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