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Hygieniapassi – Hygieniapassitesti – Hygiene Test

If you’re looking to find a job in Finland in the food industry as a cook or a waiter for example, it is very likely that your future employer will want you to get a hygiene pass (hygieniapassi). This is fairly common practice in Finland.

Hygiene Pass Basic Information

The hygieniapassi is a 40 question test where you prove that you know how to handle food hygienically. To pass the test, you have to get a minimum of 34 correct answers. All the questions are true/false questions.

There are options to take the test in other languages like English and Russian. There is also a “selko”-version in easier Finnish. These special tests are not organized everywhere, so check with your local test providers.

Hygiene Pass Materials

There are a lot of materials online, which you will find by googling. A lot of them are in Finnish, and it can be very challenging Finnish at that. However, there are some easier sources as well.

If you’re planning on taking the test in Finnish, there is Hyria’s “selko”-guide (created by an ESR project) which covers a lot of vocabulary and a large part of the things you can expect in the test. Notice that it doesn’t cover everything. They’ve picked the most important things, but it’s not complete. There is also the “lupa kokata” guide (created by a project called Sulautuvaa tukisuomea).

Hygiene Pass Exercises

If you’re interested in receiving exercises with which to practice the contents of ESR’s Hyria selko-guide, I can provide you with those. These materials will let you practice both the vocabulary and the content of the selko-materials.

All this requires is a small payment to my Paypal account. You can decide the amount of the payment yourself. Just remember to add a note informing me that you want to practice for the hygiene pass! You will only get one chapter at a time.

The package I will send to your email address will have eg. true/false statements, fill-in-the-gap exercises and multiple choice exercises, all in Finnish. These exercises use the important hygiene vocabulary over and over again, so you get used to the words needed to do well in the test. Some chapters even have some grammar exercises that use the same vocabulary! They require at least a strong A2.2 Finnish language profiency.

By sending me your voluntary payment, you agree to not spread these materials to other people. They are strictly for your own use.

Onko hygieniapassi sinulle tärkeää? Is the hygiene certificate important to you?

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