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List of Patreon Content Currently Available

This article is a list of Patreon content, which people who support me financially have access to. As a patron, you pay a monthly fee which gives you access to the goodies below. Depending on the amount of your contribution, you get access to more things.

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Games and Puzzles ($5 a month)

Generally, games and puzzles are meant to give you a prompt to learn new vocabulary or to practice forming sentences. They are meant to help you reinforce and develop your Finnish language skills. These files probably work best if you can get another learner or a Finn to join you when you use them. LINK

  • “Spot the differences” picture pairs: 5 PDFs
  • Describing clothing: 3 PDFs
  • Describing hairstyles: 2 PDFs (example)
  • Describing rooms and furniture: 6 PDFs
  • Describing foods and containers: 1 PDF
  • Random household item vocabulary: 4 PDFs (example)
  • Computer vocabulary memory cards: 1 PDF
  • Crossword puzzles: 4 PDFs
  • Spoken language: 3 PDFs
  • Sayings and idioms: 1 PDF

Don’t have anyone to chat with or correct these exercises? Please don’t give up on taking this opportunity to talk out loud or write something in Finnish! Of course it is nice to get feedback on your language skills. However, talking and writing will help you become more fluent regardless of whether you’re being corrected. You’re challenging your brain to come up with the right words (please don’t google translate everything). Constantly running into “I don’t know how to say this” can be useful if you write down those types of phrases and ask someone later or look them up.

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Printable PDF Packages ($5 a month)

You will find articles around certain themes bundled into a PDF. You can save these PDFs to your computer or print them out. All of the content available in these PDFs are available for free on the website as well. LINK

  • Printable collection of expressions of time articles (32 pages)
  • Printable collection of consonant gradation articles (19 pages)
  • Printable collection of location cases articles (53 pages)
  • Printable collection of swear word articles (13 pages)
  • Printable collection of animal themed articles (18 pages)
  • Printable collection of partitive themed articles (29 pages)
  • Printable collection of object themed articles (14 pages)
  • Printable collection of complement themed articles (63 pages)
  • Printable collection of T-plural themed articles (33 pages)
  • Printable collection of food themed articles (42 pages)
  • Printable collection of genetive themes articles (47 pages)

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Language Lessons ($10 a month)

These lessons contain vocabulary related to a topic and grammar explanations related to said topic. Also included in every lesson are exercises at various levels such as fill-in-the-gap exercises, translation exercises and reading texts. The files come with solutions and translations to all the exercises included. LINK

  • Computer vocabulary + partitive and genetive cases (level A2.1+) Free!
  • Colors and clothes vocabulary + T-plural, minulla on (level A1.3+)
  • Furniture and postpositions vocabulary + genetive case (level A1.3+)
  • Firefighting vocabulary + TAVA-participle (level A2.2+)
  • Firefighting vocabulary + TAVA-participle (level B1.1+)
  • Traffic vocabulary + millä-case (level A2.1+)
  • Monsters and decribing appearance + partitive case (level A2.2+)
  • Old and new words ending in -i (level A1.3+)
  • Words ending in -i inflection (level A2+)
  • Food vocabulary + the object, the partitive (level A2+)
  • Old and new words – additional exercises (level A2)
  • Finnish conjunctions (levels A1, A2 and B1)
  • The object, the partitive and passive (levels A2 and B1)
  • The passive (levels A2 and B1)
  • Cars, driving, accidents vocabulary + the past tense (levels A2 and B1)
  • Traffic, giving directions vocabulary + the imperative (level A2)
  • Cooking vocabulary + TU-participles (levels A2 and B1)
  • Minulla on sentence construction (levels A1.3 to A2.2)
  • Weather vocabulary easy rections (love, hate, like) (levels A2.1 to B1)
  • City vs. Countryside vocabulary + location cases (levels A2.1 to B1.1)
  • Talking about pain and advanced rections (levels A2.2 to B2)

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PDF worksheets ($10 a month)

Worksheets give you random exercises based on a picture. They aren’t accompanied by an explanation of the grammar, but they do contain links to my website and you get the answers to all the exercises. These are a way for me to produce more content without overworking myself. LINK

  • Messy table: naming objects, talking about materials, questions
  • Rooms and furniture #1: naming objects, verb vocabulary, location cases
  • Rooms and furniture #2: naming objects, verb vocabulary, perfect tense

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Interactive Exercises ($10 a month)

These exercises are mainly wordpress-based fill-in-the-blanks exercises, with additional links to exercise games made with quizlet. They are aimed to allow you to practice both vocabulary and grammar; though certain topics will be more grammar-focused and others more vocabulary-focused. LINK

  • Free example exercises related to COVID-19 here
  • Singular partitive (level A1.2 to A2.2)
  • Perceptional verbs (level A1.3 to B1.1)
  • The imperfect tense (level A2.1 to B1.1)
  • Question words (level A1.2 to B1.1)
  • Expressions of time (level A2.1 to B1.1)
  • Location cases (level A1.3 to B1.1)
  • The plural partitive (level A2 to B1)
  • Location case rections (levels A1.3 to B1)
  • The present passive (level A2 to B1)
  • Cooking and participles (level A2 to B1)
  • The complement (level A2.2 to B2)
  • The genetive (level A1.2 to B1)

I hope this list of Patreon content gives you an idea of what you can expect as a patron. Please consider joining me for at least a month or two. You can always cancel your membership.

Don’t forget that every month brings more goodies. I add new content on the first day of every month!

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