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Overview of Patreon Content

On this page, you can find an overview of Patreon content offered to subscribers. Please consider signing up!


Games and puzzles ($5 a month): here.

  • Goal: meant to help you reinforce and develop your Finnish language skills.
  • Exercise types: describe the picture, crossword puzzles, spot the differences, compare the pictures
  • Topics: eg. furniture, postpositions, food, verbs, clothing, professions, random vocabulary

Printable PDF files ($5 a month): here.

  • Goal: download all vocabulary pages or grammar pages around a theme
  • Length: currently between 13 and 32 pages per file
  • Topics: eg. all articles about the T-plural, expressions of time, swearing in Finnish, the partitive case, animals

PDF language lessons ($10 a month): here.

  • Goal: exercises to really practice certain topics from my website
  • Topics: eg. postpositions, computer vocabulary, clothes and colors
  • Type of content: eg. grammar explanations, exercises at various levels such as fill-in-the-gap exercises, translation exercises, reading texts, finding items in pictures

PDF worksheets ($10 a month): here.

  • Explanation: Worksheets give you random exercises based on a picture. They aren’t accompanied by an explanation of the grammar, but they do contain links to my website and you get the answers to all the exercises. These are a way for me to produce more content without overworking myself.
  • Topics: grammar and vocabulary exercises combined
  • Type of content: eg. exercises at various levels, such as fill-in-the-gap exercises, translation exercises, etc.

Interactive exercises ($10 a month): here.

  • Goal: practice topics with interactive exercises that give you instant feedback!
  • Exercise types: eg. drag and drop, fill in the blanks
  • Topics: eg. perceptional verbs, partitive case, passive, imperfect, plural partitive, participles

That’s it for this overview of Patreon content for subscribers!

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