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If you’re able to contribute 10 dollars a month on Patreon, you get access to all these interactive exercises! Right now, I’ve committed myself to producing a new topic once every month!

These exercises are mainly wordpress-based fill-in-the-blanks exercises, with additional links to exercise games made with quizlet. They are aimed to allow you to practice both vocabulary and grammar; though certain topics will be more grammar-focused and others more vocabulary-focused.

Newest exercise topic:

00611 – Interactive exercises about the genetive case (level A1.2 – B1.1)

  • Practice the genetive of simple wordtypes!
  • Practice the genetive of more difficult wordtypes!
  • Practice recognising why the genetive is used!
  • Learn vocabulary and sayings!
  • CLICK!

Older topics:

00601 – Interactive exercises about the singular partitive (level A1.2 to A2.2)

    • Practice the partitive of simple wordtypes!
    • Practice the partitive of more difficult wordtypes!
    • Practice recognising why the partitive is used!
    • CLICK!

00602 – Interactive exercises about perceptional verbs (level A1.3 to B1.1)

    • Practice what each verb means!
    • Practice inflecting adjectives in the miltä-form!
    • Practice combining verbs with adjectives!
    • CLICK!

00603 – Interactive exercises about the imperfect tense (level A2.1 to B1.1)

    • Practice the conjugation of the imperfect tense!
    • Practice recognising the type a verb belongs to!
    • Practice coming up with a suitable verb!
    • CLICK!

00604 – Interactive exercises about question words (level A1.2 to B1.1)

    • Practice recognising question words!
    • Practice matching up questions and answers!
    • Practice more vocabulary!
    • CLICK!

00605 – Interactive exercises about expressions of time (level A2.1 to B1.1)

    • Practice the names and order of the weekdays and months!
    • Practice picking the right case with ensi and viime
    • Practice all expressions of time
    • CLICK!

00606 – Interactive exercises about location cases (level A1.3 to B1.1)

    • Practice vocabulary related to places!
    • Practice how to form the missä, mistä and mihin forms!
    • Practice picking the right case for sentences!
    • CLICK!

00607 – Interactive exercises about the plural partitive (level A2 to B1)

    • Practice how to form the plural partitive!
    • Practice both the inflection of both long and short words!
    • Learn new vocabulary!
    • CLICK!

00608 – Interactive exercises about the present passive (level A2 to B1)

    • Practice when to use the present passive!
    • Practice the types of sentences where we use the present passive!
    • Learn how to inflect verbs in the present passive!
    • CLICK!

00609 – Interactive exercises about the complement (level A2.2 to B2)

    1. Practice recognising what type of subject you are dealing with
    2. Practice applying the complement rules
    3. Practice inflecting words in the partitive, genetive and plural forms
    4. CLICK!

00610 – Interactive exercises about cooking and participles (level A2 to B1)

    1. Practice vocabulary related to cooking
    2. Get to know more about the TU- and the TAVA-participles
    3. Practice putting verbs in the TU-participle to express cooking methords
    4. Practice putting verbs in the TAVA-participle to express necessity
    5. CLICK!

00611 – Interactive exercises about location case rections (level A1.3 to B1)

  1. Get to know more about rections!
  2. Practice putting words in the partitive, missä, mistä and mihin forms!
  3. CLICK!

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