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Some things i noticed :
E14 ; 4 doesnt show the word we have to conjucate
E14 ; 18 maybe im stupid, but neither terävät or teräviä suits there

Then i have some questions about as i couldnt figure these out(atleast in the current moment)
E13 ; 3,4 why is vuoristoilma in partitiivi and tropiika in nominative
E 13 ; 17 Sisareni avioliito on onneton – the rule on the Process vs result (assume its correct) says that if the subject exüresses process its partiivi, and if end result its nominatiivi, but nothing says that the marriage is over ? Am i looking at a wrong rule ?

E14 ; 8 Nämä ajatukset ovat järkeviä – isnt it that ajatus is abstract, but still countable, so nominative ?
E14 ; 12 Why is it ilma on puhdasta as 11 is “ilma on kaunis” what is the rule differnece here ?

Thanks for these excerises!

Inge (admin)

E14 ; 18 -> That’s because the word between brackets is “tylsä” 😉

E13 ; 3,4 -> Vuoristoilma means the AIR, air is a mass noun, ilmasto means climate and is a concrete noun (means the whole climate)

E 13 ; 17 -> Avioliitto isn’t considered a process, it’s just a thing you’re either in or not. I understand your reasoning though. This is an example of how perfectly good reasoning can still differ from how a Finn sees the word. Marriages can be counted.

E14 ; 8 -> If it was ONE thought, your reasoning is 100% correct. For plural subjects, however, the default form is the plural partitive if there is no reason (such as always plural words) to use the T-plural.

E14 ; 12 -> Ilma can mean either AIR or WEATHER. Air can’t be beautiful, so in that example we definitely are talking about the weather. Likewise, weather can’t be clean, so we’re talking about the air there.

Very good questions, glad to see you’re using these exercises!