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Hello there! Glad you found your way to this page. Please take a moment to read how you could support Uusi kielemme financially!

Why support Uusi kielemme?

Uusi kielemme – Finnish for Busy People – is a one-woman project. It’s my passion and hobby, but very time consuming. Expanding and improving my website every single day is tough in addition to my part-time job. An average of 5 hours a day go into upkeeping and developing articles. I try to keep up a schedule of about five new articles a week.

My part-time wages cover my living cost right now, but this is going to change next year. I would really like to be able to continue my current arrangements, but financially it could turn out a little tricky. As such, it would be nice if Patreon could offer a little bit of a buffer so I wouldn’t have to make drastic changes to my life.

How can you support Uusi kielemme?

This is where you come in! Do you want to make sure new content will be regularly released? You can help make sure that Uusi kielemme will continue to exist and expand!

Paypal Support

If you want to make a one-time donation, you can do so through Paypal. I think Paypal also allows for monthly donations, so please consider that as well!

Patreon Support

I have also created a Patreon page, where you can donate as little as $1 a month to support this source of Finnish language content for learners. I receive regular queries from readers asking for a variety of things: PDF files, online exercises, exercises to be printed, etc. This is now an option if you contribute financially to Uusi kielemme.

Visit my Patreon page!

  • Yksi kaikkien puolesta! By donating $1 a month, you get the warm fuzzy feeling of knowing you made a contribution. In addition, you can influence new content through polls and suggestions (on the patreon page).
  • Viiden tähden oppilas. A monthly $5 donation will give you access to games and puzzles (here) to help you reinforce and develop your Finnish language skills. In addition, you can download printable PDF versions of certain parts of my website (here). For example, you will be able to download all vocabulary pages around “expressions of time”, or all grammar pages about the location cases.
  • Kympin oppilas. For $10, you can call yourself a “kympin oppilas” (straight A student). You get access to PDF language lessons (here). These lessons contain exercises to really practice certain topics from my website. You also get access to interactive excerises based around a theme (here).
  • Apua, oikeastiko? If you’re capable of donating $25 a month, we can customize what kind of benefits you’d like. Maybe you’d like a monthly hour to bomb me with all your Finnish language questions? Maybe you would like to have me read and give feedback on something you’ve written in Finnish monthly? Drop me a PM and let’s work something out!

Overview of the pages patrons have access to

Whichever way you decide to support the continuing existence of Uusi kielemme, I’m extremely grateful and will try my best to show my appreciation any which way I can.

Thanks, guys ♥

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