The Inflection of Postpositions – Finnish Grammar Constructions

The Inflection of Postpositions – Fi…

1. Which Cases? Finnish has 15 lovely cases for students to learn. It’s not enough that nouns get inflected into the location cases though; no, postpositions also do so! Luckily they don’t bend in all the Finnish cases. The postpositions inflect only in the location cases: the missä (inessive or adessive), mistä (elative or ablative) […]

Postpositions – Finnish Grammar Finnish Grammar

Postpositions – Finnish Grammar

1. The Use of Postpositions In general, the things that are expressed in Finnish with a postposition are related to the relative location of things in relation to other things. They’re called postpositions because they come AFTER the word they’re connected to. That’s often the opposite of how it’s expressed in English, where you have […]