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News 31.10.2020

Hi there! Here are some random things that have been happening on Uusi kielemme lately in no particular order!

  • We seem to have recovered from the hacking of my website with no irreparable damage. Phew!
  • I’ve updated my old article on Finnish abbreviations with many new ones.
  • Venezuelan translator Job has translated his first article to Spanish.
  • Chinese translator Shuping has been active as well.
  • People have been working hard on reporting typos, which means my Point Tracker document is starting to look more and more chaotic. GinaT has managed to collect a whopping 40 typos so far. Thanks GinaT!
  • I’ve released a new page with interactive exercises for people who help Uusi kielemme by reporting typos, translating articles or donating via PayPal. These new interactive exercises are related to the past passive.
  • This is the 478th article that’s been published on the main website! On Wednesday we broke the record of most visitors in one day: 1042 visitors!

Thank you all for your positive words, your support and your presence. I’m very glad to be a part of your Finnish learning journey.

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  • Impressive achievements, and you should be pretty proud of yourself. This is by far the best site for understanding Finnish on the net.

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