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Update on what happpened – 15.10.2020

As many of you noticed, Uusi kielemme was offline for three days. The website was hacked and required my hosting provider to fix and restore things. The website was fully restored, because we have of course made backups.

Now, my hosting provider has done some detective work to figure out how and why this happened. It turns out that some malware crept into the server on the 27th of July (yes, almost three months ago). After that, malware has been getting in more and more without being detected. It’s likely that it happened due to a hole in the security of WordPress’ maintenance tools, but we can’t know for sure.

All in all, it doesn’t seem likely they were targeting me specifically. What’s scary is that I had no idea this was happening for so long!

My hosting provider stepped in and fixed things fairly quickly once the website went down, which I’m grateful for. There would be other hosting providers that specifically offer WordPress support. However, those are expensive, especially since my website gets so many visitors and I’m running a multisite system.

I will continue to take the same precautions I’ve taken so far, such as regular backups and updating WordPress plugins whenever they are released. My passwords have been changed and that seems all I can do right now. Be careful on the internet!

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Hei! Welcome back and thank you for such fast work! I was lost without you! xoxoxo


Kerkesi tulla ikävä, onneksi pääsitte takaisin ohjaamoon!


Tervetuloa takaisin!!!

Antonio Rubio

Welcome back

Job Bravo

voi harmi, mutta kiva kaikki on Ok


The problem of not finding how they did it, is that it can easily happen again. Were you able to find extra protection nonetheless?

Inge (admin)

I’m paying my hosting provider to investigate the cause further, though they say it could take a long time and might not even be resolved. We’ll see. There’s nothing obviously wrong with my protection, so it’s a bit of a mystery.


Just do regular back ups and keep hard personal copies. Obviously this has been and still is a large undertaking for you and I think I speak for everyone that it would royally suck if it were all blown away.


I really missed you. Welcome back!


Not sure why this site would be targetted.

Last edited 1 month ago by Rasikko

Good to have you back!

As a web developer, I found it very peculiar your whole site was taken off line. These things usually happen so they can inject an ad or a miner into your site and make money.

Last edited 1 month ago by Leon
Inge (admin)

Hmm, yes. I really don’t know what to think of it. I’m just hoping we can avoid further problems.


glad youre back!


This horrible and must have been extremely unsettling. Hopefully it was a one off and the hosting providers can do a good job at minimising the site’s vulnerability.

Jan Almeida

I’ve consistently had the pages open for months in order to check little things here and there, and when I saw I couldn’t refresh them I felt like I had lost something really important to me at this point… So I’m really happy to know that it’s all back and running again and that it was just a little bump in the road!