Welcome to the website Uusi kielemme!

I’m Inge, a non-native learner of Finnish with a master’s degree in Finnish, acquired at the university of Tampere. I love languages, especially Finnish, and I am a linguist at heart.

This website is my hobby. I started it because I found there was a serious lack of websites that offered clear explanations of Finnish grammar in English. Uusi kielemme has been on the internet since 2007. These days, there are more sources available these days then there were when I started this project, but I hope the website is still relevant.

I hope you like it as much as I do.

Happy learning!


How to use Uusi kielemme

Uusi kielemme is not a lesson plan. There is no specific page where you should start from when you’re learning Finnish. While the vocabulary overview page is divided into three parts (beginner, intermediate and advanced), this isn’t that important either. I firmly believe that – with vocabulary – you’re best off studying first what interests you the most.

Our grammar overview page contains subjects of all levels of difficulty. In some articles, I’ve mentioned which parts are for more advanced students, which hopefully helps you somewhat. What worries me the most is perhaps that you, the reader, might get overwhelmed by all the information on one page.

The idea is not that you learn everything on one page at the same time. Rather, I see Uusi kielemme as a reference material. When a grammar issue or vocabulary theme starts tickling your interest, you can look it up and learn more about it on the website.

There is always more to come look up! It’s a good idea to come back to subjects you’ve learned the basics of. Usually even the most basic subjects still have something interesting for advanced students.