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Finnish Lessons and Levels – Uusi kielemme

As you’ve probably noticed, Uusi kielemme contains a lot of information. This can be very overwhelming if you’re only getting started. It’s near-impossible to organize Finnish grammar and vocabulary neatly per level, because many topics have both things a beginner should know and other things for advanced students.

In this section of my website, you can find the articles I’ve written that can help you plan your studies and get acquainted with the levels of language proficiency. I don’t give private Finnish lessons, but you can build your own schedule using the information below

Language Levels and Lesson Plans

Beginner Finnish – A1.1 to A1.3

Advanced Beginner Level – A2.1 to A2.2

Intermediate Finnish – B1.1 to B1.2


Advanced Finnish – B2.1 to B2.2

  • Level B2 (coming soon!)

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