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Recently Published Finnish Articles

Tässä Tästä Tähän – “Here” in Finnish

Tässä, tästä and tähän can all be translated as “here”. They are the pronoun TÄMÄ in the missä, mistä and mihin form. Learn more now!


How to Say “Here” and “There” in Finnish

Tässä, täällä, tuossa, tuolla, siinä, siellä are all words used to say “here” and “there” in Finnish. Read now about when to use which one!


Infinitives, Participles and Conjugations of the Verb Lähteä

This article gives you an overview of the verb LÄHTEÄ in the Finnish infinitives, participles and conjugations, along with links to each topic.


-Pa/Pä Liitepartikkeli Clitic – Onpa vaikeaa!

Onpa sinulla kaunis koti! Tulepa tänne! This tricky little clitic -pa/pä appears all over the place in Finnish. Learn what it means and how to use it!


The Verb Antaa – Many Meanings

The verb ANTAA has two main meanings but, in addition, is used in a large list of phrases. Find out more about what antaa can mean in this article!


Juovuksissa Nukuksissa -UksissA(An) Adverbs

Suutuksissa, eksyksissä, juovuksissa and nukuksissa are four examples of adverbs that end in -UksissA. Learn more about this advanced adverb type now!


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