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Welcome to Uusi kielemme – Finnish for Busy People! The place to learn more Finnish; be it grammar or vocabulary! This website gets updated regularly so do check back for more interesting content!

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Recently Published Finnish Articles

The Order of Finnish Suffixes – Miehelleni Talossammekin

Find out the order of the suffixes in Finnish words such as miehelleni, talossammekin and olisinpahan! Suffixes, cases and clitics included!


Talking About Your Education in Finnish – Koulutus

This article contains many important and useful phrases which you can use when you’re talking about your education in Finnish.


L’harmonie vocalique en finnois – Vokaaliharmonia

L’harmonie vocalique en finnois sépare les voyelles en deux groupes distincts. Découvrez comment cela affecte la déclinaison et la conjugaison.


At the Bank – Pankissa – Finnish Bank Vocabulary

Learn Finnish vocabulary related to visiting the bank and using online banking! This article contains both plain words and useful phrases!


Grammaire finnoise en français

Découvrez les traductions françaises des cours de grammaire finnoise actuellement disponibles sur Uusi kielemme!


I hope you can find everything you want to know about the Finnish language on Uusi kielemme! If not, you can always suggest an article idea through email or discord.