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Welcome to Uusi kielemme – Finnish for Busy People! The place to learn more Finnish; be it grammar or vocabulary! This website gets updated regularly so do check back for more interesting content!

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Recently Published Finnish Articles

Arttu Wiskari – Tässäkö tää oli – Finnish Song Lyrics Analysis

This article contains the English translation as well as an analysis of the lyrics of the Finnish song “Tässäkö tää oli” by Arttu Wiskari!


Talking on the Phone – Finnish Phrases – Puhelimessa

On vaikeaa puhua puhelimessa suomeksi. Talking on the phone in Finnish is difficult. Learn some phrases to get started!


Finnish Self-Study Book Recommendations: What’s Your Goal?

When reading Finnish self-study book recommendations, you should always first consider your Finnish language learning goal before deciding.

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Finnish Prefix Epä- for Negation ~ Non- Un-

The Finnish prefix epä- expresses negation, such as in the words EPÄKOHTELIAS, EPÄUSKO and EPÄONNISTUA. Learn more about the prefix now!


Point System – Uusi kielemme Bonus Content

Learn how you can earn points to get access to bonus content such as interactive exercises on Uusi kielemme! Contact me for more details!


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