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Welcome to Uusi kielemme – Finnish for Busy People! The place to learn more Finnish; be it grammar or vocabulary! If you’re on a mobile device, you can access the vocabulary and grammar overview pages via the menu up above on the left side.

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Recently Published Finnish Articles

Finnish Rections – Keneltä? Kenestä? Keneen?

Keneltä? Minulta! Kenestä? Minusta! Keneen? Minuun! Learn when to use these forms in this article about Finnish rections!


The Word AIKA – Aukioloajat – Finnish Vocabulary

The word AIKA has two main functions: it’s used to mean time and time periods, and also as an adverb of intensity (aika vaikea). Find out more here!


Boundary Gemination – Loppukahdennus – Advanced Finnish

Boundary gemination (rajageminaatio) aka “end doubling” (loppukahdennus) is an advanced phonological phenomenon in Finnish. Learn more about it here!


Finnish Spoken Language Vocabulary

How much Finnish spoken language vocabulary do you know? Are you looking to expand said vocabulary? Here’s a small overview!


Syntax of Spoken Finnish – Spoken Language Grammar

This article contains 6 things that make the syntax (sentence constructions) in spoken language different than written Finnish!


Mass Nouns as Objects – Food and the Partitive

This article gives you examples of mass nouns (ainesanat) as the objects of sentences. Learn more about how the partitive, genetive and plurals work!

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