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Welcome to Uusi kielemme – Finnish for Busy People! The place to learn more Finnish; be it grammar or vocabulary! This website gets updated regularly so do check back for more interesting content!

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Recently Published Finnish Articles

Yllä Ylle Yltä Yläpuolella Ylhäällä Yli – What’s the Difference

Find out what the words yllä, ylle, yltä, yläpuolella, yläpuolelta, yläpuolelle, ylhäällä, ylhäältä, ylös and yli mean and how they differ from each other!


Patron Perks: Location Case Rections Interactive Exercises ($10)

These interactive exercises are related to rections: partitive verbs, location case and kenelle-kenellä-keneltä rections. Join Patreon to get access!


Jooga – Finnish Yoga Vocabulary – Poses and Verbs

Learn some Finnish yoga vocabulary! This article contains both verbs, phrases and the Finnish names of the typical yoga poses.


Baltic and Germanic Loanwords in Finnish Etymology

Learn more about the etymology of ancient Baltic and Germanic loanwords in Finnish! Enjoy his little trip into the history of the Finnish language.


Kaksi Vanhaa Puuta – Juha Tapio – Finnish Song Lyrics Analyzed

This article analyzes the vocabulary and grammar of the song Kaksi vanhaa puuta by Juha Tapio! Great for learning languages through music!


Juhannus – Midsummer Eve – Finnish Vocabulary

Learn vocabulary related to Finnish Midsummer – JUHANNUS – right now! You can also find cultural background information about this important celebration!


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