Present Passive Participle Sentence Constructions Constructions

Present Passive Participle Sentence Constructions

There are certain present passive participle sentence constructions that are more complicated than the general use of the form. 1. The ”on tehtävissä” sentence contruction This sentence construction expresses that a thing or object can still undergo an action. For example, if ”auto on vielä korjattavissa”, it means that it can still be fixed. For […]

Long form of the First Infinitive – Finaalirakenne Constructions

Long form of the First Infinitive – …

This article focuses on the long form of the first infinitive. The infinitive (which is more technically called the first infinitive) is the basic form of a verb. Linguistics call it the A-infinitiivi, because it ends in an -a/-ä for all verbs. If you’ve studied Finnish a little bit, you probably know about the Finnish […]

Translative Verb Rections – Translatiivi Rektiot Finnish Grammar

Translative Verb Rections – Translat…

The translative case’s ending is -ksi. It’s used to express a change in state or a transition. This form appears in a wide range of sentence constructions. In this article, we take a closer look at verb rections that require the translative. In addition to verb rections, there are also some other verb constructions and […]

The Translative Case – ksi – Translatiivi Finnish Grammar

The Translative Case – ksi – T…

The translative case is usually used to express a change or transition. Its marker is -ksi, and can be seen in phrases like ”Valmistuin opettajaksi” (I graduated as a teacher) and ”Hän tuli raskaaksi” (she got pregnant). 1. The Use of the Translative Case (-ksi) 1.1. When a change of state happens By this, I […]