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Berries – Marjat – Finnish Vocabulary

Thanks to jokamiehenoikeudet (everyman’s rights), you can go into the Finnish forests and collect berries (marjat) there for free! The forest is for all Finns, and for you too, if you are in Finland. If you want to learn some vocabulary about fruit, you can do that too!

Finnish English
boysenmarja boysenberry
juolukka bog whortleberry
karhunvatukka blackberry
karpalo cranberry
karviaismarja gooseberry
kirsikka cherry
lakka cloudberry
lillukka stone bramble
mansikka strawberry
mesimarja arctic bramble
metsämansikka wild strawberry
mustikka blueberry
mustaherukka blackcurrant
pihlajanmarja rowanberry
punaherukka red currant
puolukka lingonberry
tyrni buckthorn
vadelma raspberry
variksenmarja black crowberry
viinimarja currant
hillomarja berry for jam
luonnonmarja berry in nature
metsämarja berry in forest
puutarhamarja berry in garden
talousmarja cultivated berry
pakastemarja frozen berry
Finnish English
marja berry
pensas shrub, bush
sato harvest
hillo jam
hyytelö jelly
kiisseli kissel
mehu juice
tuoremehu juice
marjakeitto berry soup
mustikkapiirakka blueberry pie
makea sweet
hapan sour
raaka green, raw
kypsä ripe
kypsyä to ripen
kukkia to blossom
marjastaa to pick berries
poimia marjoja to pick berries
kerätä to collect
mennä marjaan to go to pick berries
olla marjassa to be picking berries
säilöä to conserve
survoa to crush
marjastaja berry picker
mehumaija steam juicer
mehustin steam juicer

Sayings with berries

  • “Oma maa mansikka, muu maa mustikka.”
    Literally: Own country strawberry, other country blueberry.
    Meaning: Things are better at home.
  • “Se maksaa mansikoita.”
    Literally: It costs strawberries.
    Meaning: It’s really expensive.
  • “He ovat kuin kaksi marjaa.”
    Literally: They are like two berries.
    Meaning: They’re very similar, like two peas in a pod.
  • “Hän lähti herrojen kanssa marjaan.”
    Literally: He went picking berries with the gentlemen.
    Meaning: He trusts in someone’s unsubstantiated promises.
  • “Se oli kirsikka kakun päällä.”
    Literally: It was the cherry on top of the cake.
    Meaning: It was the highpoint, the thing that made it perfect.
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