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Herbs and Spices – Yrtit ja Mausteet

Finns aren’t known for adding a lot of spices to their food, but they do of course have names for all the herbs and spices! Learn these so you’ll find what you need more easily in the grocery stores, as well as to chat with Finns about cooking!

Finnish English
anis aniseed
aromisuola aroma of salt
basilika basil
cayennepippuri cayenne pepper
chili chili
curry curry
fenkoli fennel
inkivääri ginger
kaneli cinnamon
kardemumma cardamom
koiruoho wordwood
korianteri coriander
kumina cumin
kurkuma turmeric
laventeli lavender
limetti lime
maustepippuri allspice
meirami marjoram
minttu mint
muskottipähkinä nutmeg
mustapippuri black pepper
oregano oregano
Finnish English
paprika paprika
persilja parsley
piparjuuri horseradish
piparminttu peppermint
pippuri pepper
punapippuri red pepper
rakuuna tarragon
rosmariini rosmary
ruohosipuli chives
sahrami saffron
salvia sage
seesami sesame
sitruunamelissa lemon balm
sokeri sugar
suola salt
tilli dill
timjami thyme
vanilja vanilla
viherminttu spearmint
viinimarja currant

Sayings with herbs and spices

  • “Nälkä on paras mauste.”
    Literally: Hunger is the best spice.
    Meaning: Everything tastes better when you’re hungry.
  • “Hänen yrityksensä lohduttaa hieroi vain suolaa haavoihin.”
    Literally: Her attempt to comfort me just rubbed salt in the wounds.”
    Meaning: She just made things worse with her attempts.
  • “Painu sinne missä pippuri kasvaa!”
    Literally: Go to where the pepper grows!
    Meaning: Get as far away from me as possible!
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