“Many Meanings” Series

The “many meanings” series will contain articles on verbs or other words that have a large amount of different meanings, or different phrases, associated with them.

The verb kestää

The verb kestää is interesting, because it means, for example, “to take time”, and “to withstand”. Learn more about how to use this verb in our article!

The verb kestää

The verb saada

The verb saada keeps confusing learners of Finnish! It’s such a versatile verb, including but not limited to meaning “to receive”, “to be allowed” and “to cause”.

The verb saada

The verb kestää

The verb katsoa isn’t all that difficult, but if you want to be more precise about how you’re watching someone, you can certainly learn some more phrases here!

The verb katsoa

The verb ?


Coming soon!

More “many meanings” words to come soon!

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