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Finnish Conjunctions – Ja Mutta Koska Sekä Että

This page contains a list of Finnish conjunctions (for example ja, mutta, koska, vaikka, sekä että). Conjunctions express the relation between parts of speech or sentences. I’ve divided them by meaning in the table below, so you can see what kind of relation they express.

In addition to this list, we have several other articles on conjunctions, their differences and their usage. Check those out by clicking the links! I will be adding articles for the other conjunctions over time.

Finnish English Related articles
Lisäys Addition
ja and
sekä and
sekä – että both – and Double conjunctions
ynnä plus
lisäksi additionally
sen lisäksi in addition
eikä nor, neither
ei – eikä neither – nor Double conjunctions
saati let alone
Vaihtoehto Alternative
eli in other words
elikkä in other words
tai or The difference between tai and vai
vai or The difference between tai and vai
joko – tai either – or Double conjunctions
Vastakohta Opposite
mutta but The difference between mutta and vaan
vaan but rather The difference between mutta and vaan
muuten or else
Tarkoitus Goal
niinpä so
jotta / niin että so that, in order that Colloquial conjunctions
niinpä / siis thus
Syy Reason
koska because
sillä since
siksi because of that
sen tähden for this reason
sen vuoksi therefore
joten so that consequently
Aika Time
kun when Kun in written and spoken Finnish
nyt kun now that
sillä aikaa kun while
sen jälkeen kun after
kunnes until
siitä lähtien kun since (time)
ennen kuin before
heti kun once
Ehto Condition
jos if
jos -, niin – if -, then –
ellei / jollei unless
mikäli provided
kunhan provided
Myönnytys Concession
vaikka although
joskin while
sitä paitsi moreover
kuitenkin anyway / still
siitä huolimatta nevertheless
silti even so

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That’s it for Finnish conjunctions on this simple overview page. I will be adding links to related articles as I publish them, so keep checking back!

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Conjunctions in english include the FANBOYS (for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so)
I was wondering if vielä (yet) is also a conjunction in finnish or not, and if so, under which list does it belong? Thank you for the great article as always.

Last edited 5 months ago by Nour

Also, is asti a conjunction that falls under ‘time’?

Inge (admin)

Vielä is an adverb (a word modifying/qualifying a verb), rather than a conjunction (which connect sentences or parts of sentences to one another).

Asti isn’t a conjunction either, its job is to express a duration/length together with a quantifier. It’s a postposition.