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Paska – Swear Words Related to Secretion

In this article, we will go over some swear words and insults which include bodily functions: paska, kusi and perse. You can also check out our article on swearing in general.

We have a neutral article with vocabulary related to bodily fuctions. In this article, we will be diving straight into improper uses of these words.

1. How Offensive Are These Swears?

The difference between swear words like paska and profanities like saatana is quite large. Likewise, calling someone a kusipää (asshole, literally “pee head”) is much less strong than calling them huora (a whore). Generally, the swears related to bodily functions are much milder than the ones related to religion. This is in part due to the infatuation of small children with secretion.

2. Paska – Shit – Swear Words

Paska is one of the most commonly used swear words in Finnish, which can be translated as “shit” or “crap”. Inoffensive synonyms are kakka (poop) and uloste (excrement).

My translations in the table below are partly fairly literal and partly more liberal translations; depending on how understandable the translation would be. All of these phrases are very offensive.

Expression Translation
Hevonpaskat! Bullshit! (literally: horseshit)
En välitä siitä paskaakaan. I don’t care shit about that.
Et tiedä paskaakaan. You don’t know shit.
Ja paskat minä sinun puheistasi! To hell with your speeches!
Paska jätkä. (He’s a) piece of shit.
Mersu on paska. Mercedes is a piece of shit.
Hän on paskassa kunnossa. He is in a shitty (really bad) condition.
Mun tietokone on paskana. My computer is shitty (broken).
Älä puhu paskaa! Don’t talk bullshit!

3. KusiPiss – Swear Words

It’s a stretch to add kusi to this page, because it’s considered only mildly offensive. By itself it refers to actual urine. English doesn’t use piss as much in offensive contexts, but the Finnish kusi could be translated as fucking. You can use kusi to insult people, but it’s also used in some fairly normal colloquial phrases where it hardly is seen as a swear, but rather as bad manners.

Type Expression Translation
Very offensive insult Saatanan kusipää! Fucking pisshead!
Offensive insult Typerä kusipää! Stupid pisshead!
Offensive Älä yritä kusettaa mua! Don’t try to fuck with me!
Offensive Nyt olet kusessa. Now you’re fucked.
Offensive Oltiin hiljaa ku kusi sukassa. We were quiet as pee in a sock.
Colloquial inoffensive Käyn kusella. I’m going to go pee.
Colloquial inoffensive Sillä on taas kusihätä. She’s gotta pee again.

4. Perse – Ass – Swear Words

The word perse isn’t used as much in Finnish as its translation ass in English. It is mostly used in two very common expressions: olla perseestä (to suck, e.g. koulu on perseestä) and laittaa perseeseen (to put it where the sun don’t shine, e.g. tunge se perseesees).

Type Expression Translation
Offensive Vittu tää on perseestä! Fuck this sucks!
Offensive Voihan perse! Fucking ass!
Offensive Kaikki meni päin persettä. It all went to hell.
Offensive Kaikki meni perseelleen. Everything got fucked up.
Offensive Älä perseile! Don’t fuck around!
Offensive Hän on perseet olalla. He’s really drunk.
Offensive Älä ole tommonen perseennuolija. Don’t be such an ass licker.
Offensive Hän juo itsensä perseet olalle. He’s getting himself piss drunk.
Offensive Firma meni perseelleen. The firm went bankrupt.
Offensive Hän on perse auki. He’s broke (“ass open”).
Mildly offensive Mä oon ihan pee aa (“perse auki”). I’m broke.
Mildly offensive Hän putosi perseelleen. He fell on his ass.


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